About Us

When you think of a translation agency, you think of people with a passion for language.

AlegreTranslations was founded by Annemarie Vrolijk. Vrolijk means happy in English and alegre in Spanish. Annemarie was born in the Netherlands and she moved to Valencia in 1998.

AlegreTranslations works with a team of experienced, passionate linguists, each with their own specialisation.

We are a professional and dynamic translation agency, based in Valencia (Spain) that offers Spanish, Dutch and English translation services.

Through our personalised approach and real implication we have been able to provide high quality translations. Over the years, many clients have turned into regular customers.

We are a member of Xarxa, the translators and interpreters network in Valencia and the Dutch Business Club in Valencia.

AlegreTranslations. Translations with a smile :)


Why AlegreTranslations?


We are a professional translation agency with affordable prices. All our prices are calculated per word, depending on the subject, deadline and the amount of text.


We are able to deliver your translation project in a few days, in any format.


You can completely trust us because we only work with experienced translators who work and live in their target market.

How do we work?



You send us your text by email, whatsapp or wetransfer.



We send you a quote and a timeline.



As soon as we receive your confirmation regarding timeline and costs, we start translating. 



A proofreader checks the grammar, overall accuracy and consistency of the text.  



The final translation will be checked and we guarantee timely delivery. 


Are you looking for a translator for your webpage, webshop or for your business documentation? And do you want this to be translated precisely with the right words and consistent with your market strategy?

Then this is the right place for you.

AlegreTranslations is more than translating words only. Unlike multiple online translation programs, our service is human, personal.

We are specialised in translation, localisation and SEO copywriting services in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Don't miss out on potential clients in the Netherlands or in Spanish speaking countries. The key to successful internationalisation is being able to communicate to your clients in their own language.


Would you buy something if you don´t understand what they are selling you? This is exactly what your potential clients think.

Research confirms that customers prefer to buy on websites in their own language, even if they do speak English as a second or third language. That’s why localising your website is the single most cost effective way of increasing your sales.

If you have an online shop, we will be pleased to translate it for you.
We work with translators from countries where you are going to market your product or service. This is how we guarantee that your text fits the culture and target group.  This process is called localisation.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is the writing of web texts that are readable and engaging. Texts that include a Call-to-Action; that tell the reader what to do. Texts that above all speak to, inform and convince the reader. And of course lead to a conversion.

But SEO Copywriting is also about writing texts that search engines place high in their results. Where you will be seen. You can write very effective texts, but if search engines are not able to find them they won’t be read by many potential clients. That is why we include search terms in texts that reach your target group. That way not only visitors, but also search engines immediately know what your text is about.

Do clients search using the word laptop or notebook? Do they choose holiday or vacation? Before we write texts, we make a selection of the most important keywords for your area of business and website. Together we decide how we can interweave these into the current or new structure of your website. The result is easily found, user-friendly and readable content.


Interpretation services

AlegreTranslations is pleased to provide the following interpretation services in Spanish, Dutch and English:

-Legal interpretations, for example at Court.
-Social and medical interpretations, for example at hospitals and schools.
-Interpretations for companies during meetings and conventions, courses, trade missions and  workshops.
-Interpretations needed for various other reasons.

If you are looking for an interpreter, we ask you to inform us in advance by e-mail about the subject, the interlocutors, the preferred date, time and location. We will then contact you to make specific arrangements and determine the price. You can also give us a call yourself. 


Our translation agency AlegreTranslations has many returning clients who are satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our service. Some of their reactions are shown below.


"I have worked with Alegre
Translations on a multilingual project. Annemarie has done a flawless job in a committed, tireless and effective way. She has a very good attitude and is always providing good ideas."

Mara Miguel Moro
Consultant Online Marketing Sumate


"Pleasant collaboration. Fast Service. Proactive approach. We are very satisfied!"

Christine Jansen
Head of translation department HEMA


"Very professional agency. A quick response and a good translation."

Ignacio Benítez Sánchez
R&D Engineer Instituto Tecnológico de Energía


"Professional translation. They understand the text very well and they don´t only translate literally but they really know what we mean. In one word: Great!"

Saskia Hoogesteger
Owner Zzumo más

Villa Torrent

"Quick service in translation. Accurate and detailed. They don´t hesitate to help you understand the contents of the official papers."

Jeanny Grevelink
Owner  Villa Torrent

"Check my website red-onion.com to see all translations done by Alegre Translations."

Carl van de Wiel
Owner of Agro Centre Holland 

NRG Heat Exchangers

"Professional and efficient translators. Alegre Translations is a fast and friendly translation agency that always provides us with a reliable service."

Silvester Bakker
Business Unit Manager at Frames

Match Better

"Alegre Translations: professional, accurate, punctual and always with a smile:)"

Marja Beerens
Owner Match Better Valencia


"Very professional agency. Excellent translations and very much on time. They apply market rates so it is absolutely recommendable to work with them. Apart Annemarie is a very positive person with lots of energy."

Rick Leerentveld
Co-founder Naranjatec 

Bergen op Zoom

"Excellent translator who always finds the right tone in her translations. The translations are precise and Annemarie is a pleasant partner. I highly recommend AlegreTranslations!"

Marga Bogers
Advisor Research & Intelligence at the municipality of Bergen op Zoom

Digital Video

 "Annemarie is very helpful and professional. She is efficient and fast and her translations are excellent. We used her services to translate our corporate videos into English and Dutch. Impeccable work, I highly recommend Annemarie!"

Isabelle Barbion d’Assigny 
Digital Video

Mega Bike Rental

"Contact beforehand was very smooth and we loved that Annemarie understood exactly what we wanted to express. After a correction of our Dutch texts, she delivered perfect translations for our Mega Bike Rental site in English and Spanish, everything on time."

Marco Slijp
Manager Mega Bike Rental


“AlegreTranslations has done several translations for our company Conturo, which are of good quality, and were finished faster than announced! They are also willing to support in other areas, for example to assess a candidate's knowledge of the Spanish language during a job interview. I will continue doing business with AlegreTranslations.”

Mark Vugs 
CEO Conturo


 “Annemarie is an excellent professional, committed and impeccable in her work. She is available whenever you need her and, moreover, gets really involved in the project. This yields optimal results in the end. I have trusted her translations for years and will continue to do so in the future.”  

Begoña Vilata 
Director of Communications at REDIT - Network of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Community 

Go Lemon

“At www.go-lemon.es we recommend AlegreTranslations 100%! We have been working with them since the beginning of our launch in Spain. They have done several translations from Dutch to Spanish such as our website, corporate videos and other related services. We are very pleased and this has definitely not been the last time that we used their services!!”

Mats Lodder
CEO Go Lemon

Ajuntament de Valencia

“We have contracted several translations and the professional service and care is remarkable. Very satisfied with the service received and the translated work. 100% recommendable!!”

Javier Mateo Garcia
Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship - València Activa - VLC Tech City - VIT Emprende - City Council of Valencia  

Found Valencia

 “It has been a real pleasure to work with Annemarie on a digital marketing project. She has participated in the Dutch translation of google adwords and landings campaigns and her work has been excellent. We will continue to work with her in the future.”

Domingo Molina
PPC Consultant - SEM  Digital Marketing
 E-commerce at Found Valencia.  

Tambre Clinica

“We have an excellent experience with AlegreTranslations translations. Accurate, delivers even before deadlines and price-quality according to the market.”

Inge Kormelink
CEO Tambre Fertility Clinic Madrid